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Enjoy your Rooibos Route Experience - the only place in the world where rooibos is cultivated!

February - harvesting season - do visit a rooibos farm.

On the Rooibos Route

Pamper yourself with rooibos treats

The TREAT clan offers a wide variety. Buy some lovely cosmetic products & soaps, or treat your family and friends with rooibos baking and preservatives to take home - biscuits, jams, spreads, chutney, syrup, to name a few.

At Klawer Wine cellar you can enjoy a wine and rooibos food pairing. 

Red Cedar's cosmetic products are of the best. 

At the Rooibosteahouse you'll find a variety of soaps, creams, shampoo and rooibos infused products.

Click on a green dot on the map (you can zoom in or out) and see what this treat member has to offer.  All the contact details, business hours and options available are on members' pages.

Make a booking where necessary, to avoid disappointment.

Happy travelling. If in doubt, contact Rooibos Route information office at the Rooibos Teahouse.



 Ginsberg house


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