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Enjoy your Rooibos Route Experience - the only place in the world where rooibos is cultivated!

February - harvesting season - do visit a rooibos farm.

On the Rooibos Route

How to plan your trip

Heading North: Start your trip in Clanwilliam with a teatasting at the Rooibosteahouse (pick 7 of the 100+ flavours), enjoy lunch at Nancy's Tearoom (with rooibos cheesecake for pudding) and then drive towards Klawer Wine Cellar for a Rooibos African Ruby Vermouth (buy enough for presents). End your trip at Letsatsi Lodge with supper at the Red Ox Steakhouse.

Riding South: Visit Rooibos Ltd in Clanwilliam for a video and free cup of rooibostea and then explore the Old Gaol Museum with a rooibos exhibition. Drive South to Citrusdal and stay over in the lovely Aan de Oewer Guesthouse.  Do a farm and factory visit at Carmien the next morning. Have lunch at Hebron and stay over after a relaxing day.

Going West: Sleep in Clanwilliam at Ndedema Lodge and enjoy rooibos hospitality. Get wild and do a horse ride through rooibos fields at Lucky Horse.  Or drive through to Skimmelberg for a farm tour and tea tasting. Remember to ask them about the compost tea.  You will love the beautiful nature, so why not stay over at Skimmelberg Getaway?

Try the East: Enjoy the hospitality at Saint du Barry accommodation in Clanwilliam and then do a day trip to Wupperthal, where you can buy some organic Rooibostea and Red Cedar cosmetic products. 

Enjoy the Best: Enjoy a teatasting in the afternoon at the Rooibosteahouse in Clanwilliam and then book in at Bushmanskloof.  Do a day trip the next morning to Wupperthal and Red Cedar and pamper yourself at the beauty salon at Bushmanskloof after a day out.

On a week-end: Not all the members are open on a week-end.  However there is enough to experience.  Drive through to Clanwilliam and explore the Old Gaol Museum.  Do a teatasting at the Rooibosteahouse and have supper at Reinholds Restaurant. Otherwise you can start at Letsatsi Lodge (Vanrhynsdorp),  enjoy African Ruby Vermouth at Klawer Wine Cellars, drive through to Clanwilliam for a teatasting at the Rooibosteahouse or lunch at Nancy's Tearoom. Heading South, you can either stay over at Skimmelberg Getaway, or do a fieldtrip on a horse's back at Lucky Horse trail rides.




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