Rooibos Tea House


Rooibos Tea House

Rooibos Tea House @ NetMar opened their doors in August 2012. The first business to stock and serve a large variety of Rooibos teas, all produced local. Since opening their doors they had a constant flow of Rooibos tea lovers. From all over the world tourist come to taste, drink, buy and enjoy the unique product of Clanwilliam and South Africa.

Within the 7 Clan's of Rooibos they stock more than 100 blends and flavours of Rooibos. Each one of these teas are on the menu for you to taste, drink and afterwards buy from the shelf.

Unique teatastings where you can pick any 7 Rooibosteas and drink while you read and see more of the history, facts and making process, are offered at this one and only Rooibos Tea House in the world.

Featured in many magazines, websites and television programs this teahouse is well known to tea-lovers. Do not pass this unique experience when visiting South Africa or Clanwilliam.

And if you can't visit them, order your favourite teas online @ They also stock rooibos cosmetic products and rooibos treats. Quality Rooibos tea - all direct from the farm and produced in the Clanwilliam district - heart of Rooibos.

The Rooibos Tea House is also home to dress fabrics, knitting yarns, gifts, accessories.

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Contact Sanet / Marietjie

Tel: +27 27 482 1007
Cell: +27 82 876 5436
Fax: n/a

Voortrekkerstr. 4 | Clanwilliam | Western Cape

Operating hours:
Weekdays, 8:00 - 17:00, Saturdays, 08:00 - 14:00, Open on public holidays {Flowerseason open DAILY}


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4 Voortrekker Street, Clanwilliam
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Sanet / Marietjie
+27 27 482 1007