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Enjoy your Rooibos Route Experience - the only place in the world where rooibos is cultivated!

February - harvesting season - do visit a rooibos farm.

On the Rooibos Route

Taste, drink, buy and enjoy

The Tea House clan offers you the one and only Rooibos Tea House in the world. With more than 100+ flavoured/blended rooibos, a must visit in Clanwilliam.  

Why not do the popular teatasting with 7 Rooibosteas you pick from the variety available? The rooibosteahouse cater for group teatastings as well.

Are you a coffee drinker?  Let they convince you to drink rooibostea - the health benefits are so much and the taste even better.  You should try it.

Hover above the orange dot on the map (you can zoom in or out) to see which business you'll find at this spot.  Click on the dot and see what the teahouse member has to offer. Take not of business hours and pre-bookings if needed.

Happy travelling. If in doubt or have a question, send us an email.

 Ginsberg house


 Rooibos Treats

 Skimmelberg Getaway

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