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Enjoy your Rooibos Route Experience - the only place in the world where rooibos is cultivated!

February - harvesting season - do visit a rooibos farm.

About us

Welcome to the Rooibos Route website. We're sure that you will find a lot of stuff on the website - to read, do and enjoy. Clanwilliam is the heart of Rooibos and a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Rooibos tea is world-known for its health benefits.

Aspalathus linearis only grow in a radius of 150 km around Clanwilliam - no where else in the world - absolutely a unique product that Rooibos farmers are very proud of.  Please take time and plan your trip.

The Rooibos Route is an outflow of the Rooibos Teahouse, started in August 2012 by sisters Sanet and Marietjie.  They found that tourists asked a lot of questions about this unique tea and realised that a route will add value to the tourists’ experience. Visiting a Rooibos farm and factory is one of the experiences you must do. Jogging, hiking or horse riding are for the more adventurous visitor. After experiencing the nature, you must put your teeth to the mouth-watering Rooibos dishes and drinks. Stop for a tea tasting or buy cosmetic products and Rooibos treats.

After a long day you can stay over on a Rooibos farm or a guesthouse where you will be treated with more Rooibos hospitality. Want to look beautiful and fresh, then book a salon treatment at a Lodge.

Enjoy your Rooibos Route experience - the only place in the world where rooibos is cultivated.

We want to thank all our members for taking part in the route, our staff for working with a passion, the family for their support and then Our Lord - who gave us the idea of a Rooibos Teahouse.  


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