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The Activities clan gives you the opportunity to be outside, enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Rooibos region. Rooibos is only cultivated in this region, with the Cederberg as backdrop and the west coast close by. Enjoy a jog or walk with friends and family, get close to the Rooibos plantations and smell the fresh air that the countryside offers for free.

On the map: Zoom in if necessary to see all the dots. Click on the different dots, a pop-up window will explain the option(s) the member offers. Choose the clan on the pop-up that you're interested in. Read more about the member, their business hours and contact details.

Make a booking where necessary, to avoid disappointment.

Clan: Activities

Happy travelling. If in doubt, contact Rooibos Route information office at the Rooibos Teahouse.

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