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Rooibos Milk tart (melktert)

Executive Chef at Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat, Floris Smith adds a twist to the South African dessert with this traditional rooibos milk tart recipe (melktert).

Ingredients – Pastry:

  •   500g cake flour
  •   7.5ml cream of tartare
  •   500g butter
  •   200ml ice water
  •   Pinch of salt

Ingredients – Milk Tart Filling:

  •   500ml milk
  •   1 cinnamon finger, whole
  •   zest of 1 orange
  •   6 Rooibos tea bags
  •   60ml sugar
  •   45ml cake flour
  •   15ml corn flour
  •   Pinch of salt
  •   30ml butter
  •   3 eggs, separated
  •   Cinnamon sugar to serve

Method – Pastry:

1.     Sift the flour, cream of tartare and salt into a food processor.

2.     Cube the butter and add to the flour mixture.

3.     Pulse the butter into the flour, slowly add the water until the pastry comes together.

4.     Wrap and put into the fridge to rest for at least 2 hours.

Method – Milk Tart Filling:

1.     Pre-heat the oven to 200ºC.

2.     On a lightly floured surface, roll out the pastry quite thinly and line a 25cm tart tin.

3.     To make the filling, bring the milk, cinnamon, orange zest and Rooibos to the boil and put aside to cool down for 30 minutes.

4.     Mix the sugar, flour, corn flour, egg yolks and salt together in a mixing bowl. Slowly strain the milk into the mixture and mix well.

5.     Cook over a low heat until the mixture thickens.

6.     Take off the heat and stir in the butter.

7.     Whip egg white to soft peak stage and fold into cooked mixture. Spoon mixture into a tart case and bake for approximately 15 minutes. Turn the oven down to 180ºC for another 10 minutes.

8.     Allow to cool slightly, dust with cinnamon sugar and serve.

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