Six cups a day?

Six cups of Rooibos per day holds definite health benefits, and specifically helps to reduce oxidative stress in the body and lower the risk of heart disease.

"But six cups sound too much", you may think.  Not at all, when you choose a variety to drink from.  Why not try six different Rooibosteas during your daily intake?

Start with a natural Rooibos early morning.  At breakfast enjoy a orange Rooibos, and teatime some vanilla rooibos.  With lunch some Camomile and Rooibos to relax a moment.  4 O'clock you should do a Mint and Rooibos to refresh you.  With supper do a Buchu and Rooibos.  Enjoying your tea?  Then take a last tea before bed (actually nr. 7) - some chai rooibos.

The six or seven cups of Rooibos should be spaced throughout the day to deliver optimum health benefits.

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